frequently asked questions

What is Taqdeer Award?

The Taqdeer Award is a unique strategic government initiative launched in Dubai in 2016 that recognizes and honors companies in target industries that demonstrate a profound commitment to workforce care, employee happiness, and prosperity.

What are the benefits of participating in the Taqdeer Award?

Receive independent recognition as a workforce-care organization with the professional assessment and feedback report; award trophies, recognition boards, and gold benefit cards for winning companies; recognition and travel tickets for nominated distinguished workers, supervisors, and engineers by the winning companies; and blue benefit cards for their employees; use the Taqdeer Award trophy and recognition board for marketing and publicity; opportunities for filming success stories; participation in key award initiatives; and a prize of AED 1 million will be rewarded to the highest-scoring 7-star award winner.

Are there any direct benefits provided to the Taqdeer Award-winning companies?

The Taqdeer award-winning companies in Dubai are recipients of 35 government incentives offered by various Dubai government departments, including RTA, DEWA, DM, GDRFA, and more. This comprehensive incentives package encompasses discounts on services offered by these entities to both companies and their employees. Additionally, it extends substantial annual financial support to winning companies and their staff, resulting in millions of dirhams.

What are the major changes in the 2024 Taqdeer award from previous award cycles?

1.From simi-skilled and skilled laborers to a talent-based workforce with competent job holders focused.
2.From law and regulation compliance to industry expectations and aspirations focused.
3.From limited labor-intensive, focused industries to much wider, targeted sectors.
4.From 5-stars to 7-stars rating system.
5.From local participation to regional and global participation.
6.Complete upgrading of the award framework, assessment, and scoring criteria.

What are the Taqdeer Award Targeted Workforce Levels and Categories?

Level 1: non-skilled and semi-skilled workers, cleaners, helpers, laborers, etc.
Level 2: skilled workers, operators, service, sales, and support employees, etc.
Level 3: technicians, controllers, associate professionals, specialists, etc.
Level 4: engineers, professionals, experts, supervisors, etc.

Is there any participation fee for the Taqdeer Award?

No, Taqdeer Award participation is free of charge for all qualified companies.

How do we register for the Taqdeer Award as a participating company?

Review the Taqdeer Award registration requirements and guidelines, and appoint one authorized official representative to complete the initial award application form and company profile online at

Our company is based outside of Dubai, can we apply?

Yes, the new 2024 Taqdeer Award cycle is open to qualified companies from Dubai, the UAE, and all other countries throughout the world .

Our projects are carried out by outsourced employees (our subcontractor's workers); can we still apply for the Taqdeer Award?

The workforce shall be directly employed by the company and on its direct payroll, not subcontractors' employees.

Our workforce is mainly professionals, experts, and managerial staff. Can we participate in the Taqdeer Award?

Participating companies shall employ at least 50 full-time elementary or skilled occupations (simi-skilled, skilled workers, operators, service and support employees, etc.).

We have participated in one of the previous Taqdeer award cycles, can we reapply again this year?

Yes, all previous participating companies can apply again in the new award cycle; only companies that have already won 7 stars can not reapply.

Do we have to cover all Taqdeer Award criteria in our submission document?

All criteria should be addressed, and each sub-criterion element should not exceed 250 words supported by a maximum of 2-3 evidences.

In which language shall we submit the award submission documents?

The official award submission documents and supporting evidence will be in English. However, the company may also include documented evidence, such as sample memos or survey questionnaires, in its official communication language to its employees.

Can we submit our award submission documents offline or via email?

All applications and supporting documents should be submitted online through the online Taqdeer Award web system.

Can we include more documented evidence for the sub-criteria element?

Each sub-criteria element shall be supported by a maximum of 2-3 evidence. Only evidence directly supporting the specific sub-criteria element shall be attached with the criteria element reference number and a clear and relevant file name.

In addition to the award submission documents, which types of general company information shall we submit?

Valid business license, company logo, high resolution (JPEG), latest organizational structure, company leadership team members and titles. The company profile, a brief presentation or description of key projects or initiatives, the name and contact details of an authorized representative, the address and location map of the main office, and company accommodation or labor camp.

What kind of supporting evidence shall we submit?

Documents (strategy, plans, policies, handbook, guidelines, etc.), Processes, procedures, flow charts, Forms, templates, memos, Tables, graphs, and charts, Survey questionnaires and reports, Records (awards, certificates, appraisals, training attendance, suggestions, complaints, audit reports, etc.), Pictures (facilities, events, etc.)

We have some confidential documents that we cannot include in the submission document; can we just show them to assessors during the site visit?

All assessment documents submitted will be kept confidential, and all assessors will sign a non-disclosure and confidential agreement prior to the assessment. Therefore, it is advisable to include all evidence in the official submission. However, in very rare cases, if the company has specific confidential financial documents or trade secrets, please mention the document name in the submission, and detailed information can be shared with the assessors during the site visit.

How much time does it take to prepare for the Taqdeer Award submission?

It will depend on the company's readiness and data availability. Past participating companies usually start their award preparation after completing the award awareness session and around 30-45 days prior to the submission deadline.

If we submit our award submission documents after the submission deadline, will the award office still accept our participation?

Award submission documents received after the submission deadline will not be accepted. If a submission extension is required due to unforeseen circumstances, the authorized company representative shall notify the award office in writing at least 10 days before the submission deadline.

Is there any prerequisite for successful award preparation?

1.Obtain leadership commitment and management support
2.Form a cross-functional award submission team
3.Study the latest award framework, criteria, and requirements carefully.

What are the top 3 practical recommendations for the submission development team?

1. Ensure team members complete the award awareness session and study the latest award framework, criteria, requirements, and FAQs.
2. Draft, review, and submit Taqdeer Award submission documents and supporting evidence before the deadline.
3. Plan, prepare, and ensure criteria owners actively participate in the site visit.

How do we prepare for the award submission?

Award submission team members collect data and documented evidence across the organization and organize data and supporting evidence as per sub-criteria elements with a clear reference number. The award submission team then drafts, refines, approves, and submits the award submission document online before the deadline.

How many measures do we have to include in the criteria 3 Results and Impact section?

Criteria 3 shall include all applicable KPIs and perception elements, covering key sub-criteria elements of Criteria 1 and 2 relevant to the participating company. If a small number of measures are submitted, the company will receive a lower score from the 300 points; therefore, more efforts will be put into the results section.

How shall we present Criteria 3 Results and Impact in our award submission?

Data shall be presented in visual charts or table formats, including relevant workforce perception and performance measures (covering Taqdeer Award key criteria elements) showing current and past results achieved (2–3 years) in comparison to predefined targets and with meaningful segmented results.

As our current year performance and performance results have not been reported yet, which results shall we submit?

Depending on your performance reporting cycle and frequency, you can submit the relevant and latest perception and performance results up to the latest reported quarter for the past 3 years.

Is benchmarking a must for the Taqdeer Award submission?

Benchmarking is a good business management practice. However, it only applies to the few relevant Taqdeer sub-criteria elements, such as fair wages, benefits, incentives, etc. Benchmarks are not a must for all Taqdeer results or criteria elements.

What are the key focus areas covered by the Taqdeer Award Framework, Criteria, and Scores?

The Taqdeer award framework covers three key criteria: corporate systems and resources, culture and labor relations, and results and impact, with 12 sub-criteria and over 40 sub-criteria elements.

Which types of workforce policies and strategies will the assessors look for?

Company-documented, updated, and approved policies, procedures, agreements, action plans, rules, regulations, guidelines, and processes.

We have participated in other business excellence and human resources awards; can we submit data and documented evidence used for those awards?

Each award has its own framework, criteria, and requirements. Please make sure the data and evidence submitted are specific to support Taqdeer award sub-criteria elements with relevant file names and reference numbers that can be easily reviewed by assessors.

If we have good business practices that are not documented, will assessors consider them?

Information stated in the award submission document needs to be backed up by documented evidence, which the assessor's team will verify during the site visit. The assessors’ team will consider good business practice if such a practice can be observed or proven during the site visit.

We do not have a labor camp, but we do provide our employees with the choice of staying in company accommodation or receiving a housing allowance. How will we be evaluated in the relevant sub-criteria?

Depending on the company policy and practice, the assessors' team will evaluate the relevant sub-criteria on housing and accommodation based on the adequate allowance provided (will the allowance enable the staff to find their own housing with equal or better living standards than the company accommodation?)

How many year’s results shall we provide?

3 years of workforce surveys and business results shall be provided. For companies established for less than 3 years, a minimum of 2 years of results will be expected.

How do we decide on the right survey sample size?

The number of completed survey responses received depends on the population size, sample size, confidence level, and margin of error.
The survey sample shall have a good representation of all targeted workforce levels and categories across departments, branches, projects, and locations.

We conducted our annual employee satisfaction survey, but our survey results include all employees (not segmented by employee categories). Can we present the overall employee satisfaction survey results?

It is always advisable to segment the survey results by focusing on the targeted workforce levels and categories. Assessors will be more interested in the perception of elementary and skilled occupation categories based on the key criteria elements of the award.

We have results, but some of them are without targets. Will we lose scores?

Yes, pre-defined targets are important. Companies shall include predefined targets for Criteria 3 to achieve higher scores.

In what methods will the site visit be carried out by assessors?

The assessment team may carry out site visits via any of the following three methods: physical site visits, virtual site visits, or hybrid.

How do assessors plan and schedule the site visit?

Site visit date options will be proposed by the assessor's team, and notifications will be automatically sent to company representatives via the online assessment system. The site visit agenda will be shared with the company via the Taqdeer online system prior to the site visit.

How long will the site visit last, and what will be covered during the site visit?

Normally, the site visit will last a full day, depending on the number of locations to be covered. During the site visit, the assessment team may visit the company’s head office, work sites, and company accommodation. The assessors will meet the company management team, field supervisors, and staff from work sites. They will request and review relevant supporting evidence and conduct focus groups and interviews with randomly selected employees.

How do we prepare for the award site visit?

Identify management team members required to attend site visit meetings; distribute submission documents for study and preparation; make available supporting data and evidence categorized by award sub-criteria; and carry out site visit rehearsal.
Plan and arrange the required offline or virtual session logistics, equipment, and system.

Can we submit additional evidence or documents after the assessor's site visit?

No. Assessors are not allowed to collect evidence or accept additional documents after site visit.

How do assessment teams assess and score Criteria 1 and 2 performance levels?

Based on the award submission, evidence, and site visit findings, the assessment team will evaluate and score the performance achievement at the following 6 levels: crisis, survival, accepted, expected, exceptional, and aspirational.

How do assessment teams assess and score Criteria 3.1 performance levels?

Based on the submitted results, evidence, and site visit findings, the assessment team will assess and score the workforce engagement and happiness perception achievement related to scope and relevance, targets, trends, segmentation, and reliability at the following 6 levels: crisis, survival, accepted, expected, exceptional, and aspirational.

How do assessment teams assess and score Criteria 3.2 performance levels?

Based on the submitted set of key measures, evidence, and site visit findings, the assessment team will assess and score the workforce performance achievement and impact related to scope and relevance, targets, trends, segmentation, and reliability at the following 6 levels: crisis, survival, acceptance, expectation, exceptional, and aspirational.

Does each assessor need to complete their own online assessment and score sheet for the assigned company?

Yes. After thoroughly reviewing company award submission documents and evidence, each assessor shall complete the online individual assessment scoresheet independently (identifying key strengths and areas for improvement prior to deciding on the score level for each element).

How are the Taqdeer Award final scores converted into stars?

The Taqdeer Award is a merit-based star rating award. The final assessment score for participating companies will be converted into the following star ratings:
1 star (200–299) as the Basic Awareness level,
2 stars (300–399) as the Needs Compliance level,
3 stars (400–499) as the Operational Compliance level,
4 stars (500–599) as the Meeting Expectations level,
5 stars (600–699) as the Exceeding Expectations,
6 stars (700–799) as the National Aspirations, and
7 stars (800+) as the Global Aspirations level. 

How many winners does the Taqdeer Award have?

The Taqdeer Award is a score- and merit-based star rating award. The award office adopted a new 7-star rating system to recognize participating companies' workforce care based on their performance and total scores achieved against the Taqdeer award framework and criteria. Therefore, there is no specific number of winners in each star category; the number of winners will be determined based on the scores achieved by each participating company.
Companies achieving 5-stars, 6-stars, and 7-stars will receive special benefits and recognition.

What will be covered in the Taqdeer Award Feedback Report?

The Taqdeer Award Assessment Feedback Report covers the following key sections: 
•Total consensus score and star rating achieved 
•The assessment process 
•Executive summary 
•Scoring table and charts 
•Key Strengths and Areas for Improvement for each sub-criteria

Will the assessment team provide specific suggestions or corrective actions in the Taqdeer Award Feedback Report?

No, the assessment feedback will identify strengths and areas for improvement within each sub-criteria element. This allows participating companies to develop their own enhancement actions and plans in accordance with their individual business strategies, priorities, and available resources.

When will we receive the final assessment report?

The detailed assessment report will be distributed to all participating companies around 2 weeks after the award ceremony. Once official assessment feedback reports are released, the companies can download them from the Taqdeer Award online system.

If the company disagrees with some of the feedback report findings, can the company challenge the final scores?

The feedback report is aimed primarily at continuous improvement. Every effort has been made to ensure the feedback is based on objective evidence and the independent assessment team’s consensus. The score will not be changed. The award office will be more than happy to receive company-specific feedback for future award cycle improvements.

The company participated in the past Taqdeer Award; is it possible to achieve different star ratings in the current award cycle?

Yes. The award assessment scores and findings are based on the company's current submission documents, evidence, and site visit performance compared with the latest Taqdeer award framework, criteria, assessment, and scoring method. Therefore, past award performance may not automatically guarantee similar scores in the current cycle.

If the company participated in the previous award cycles, can assessors ask for the previous assessment report from the Taqdeer office or the company?

No. Each award cycle is unique, and previous cycle assessment reports may influence the judgment of the current assessment. Each award cycle assesses the company's current practices and performance level against the latest Taqdeer Award criteria and requirements.

What shall the assessment team do if the current assessment score and star ratings achieved are much lower than the previous cycle?

If there is a major drop or increase in the star ratings and total scores achieved, the award office or the judging committee may request that the assessment team put extra effort into highlighting the performance gaps and providing evidence to justify the assigned scores in the final assessment feedback report.

Can we contact the team leader or assessors for our assessment results or scores?

The award office shall announce winners during the official award ceremony. Participating companies are prohibited from contacting the assessment team to inquire about the assessment results.

Is it allowed to give corporate or personal gifts to the award assessors during the site visit or throughout the Taqdeer award cycle?

No. According to the Professional Code of Conduct for Taqdeer award assessors, in order to maintain professional integrity, assessors are prohibited from accepting any gifts or benefits from award participating companies.

Can we approach or engage current or previous Taqdeer assessors or team leaders for employment, consulting or training jobs or projects?

In accordance with the Professional Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement, Taqdeer award assessors are prohibited from taking on employment, consulting, or training roles (whether paid or unpaid) with the company being assessed for a period of two years following the completion of the Award Ceremony.

Are we permitted to exchange business cards or contact details with the Taqdeer assessors or team leaders?

To prevent conflicts of interest and adhere to the Taqdeer Award professional code of conduct, assessors and team leaders are prohibited from exchanging business cards or engaging in self-promotion during site visits.
Team leaders should only coordinate with official company representatives for site visit planning and logistical arrangements

How can we become a strategic partner for the Taqdeer Award?

The award office is welcoming strategic partners and contributors to join the Taqdeer journey. Potential strategic partners, suppliers, and sponsors from award-targeted industries, global and local media communities, public and private sectors, etc. can get in touch with the Taqdeer award office for more information. (

How can we be sponsors of the Taqdeer Award?

Taqdeer Award offers various sponsorship packages for potential sponsors (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Co-sponsor). Please check the sponsorship details at;  or contact the Taqdeer Award office for more details. (

How can we support the Taqdeer blue card?

Identify and select a list of rewards for corporate or individual beneficiaries; contact and coordinate with the Taqdeer award office to agree on the final rewards provided; update internal processes and systems for smooth delivery of agreed benefits; encourage other stakeholders to support the Taqdeer Rewards card program.

How can we use the Taqdeer blue card?

This blue card holders can receive special discounts from more than 70 shops and commercial establishments in Dubai, valued at millions of dirhams annually. Kindly download the app and follow the user instructions

How can we reset the password for the Taqdeer blue card?

Please visit webpage www. Or Contact our technical support : Tel: +971 50 3233425 or via email:

How can we reach the award office?

The Taqdeer award office can be reached via the following channels:
Tel: +971 50 323 3425